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Renee L. Roosa


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Renee L. Roosa is a native of Midtown Kansas City, Missouri. She has over 45 years of healthcare experience.

Roosa believes that a synergistic relationship exists between personal, social, and environmental elements. This viewpoint became expanded as a 1997 Master of Science graduate of the University of Kansas family nurse practitioner program and certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Nursing Credentialing Center.


She is a certified National Guild of Hypnotherapist instructor who has taught this skill to nursing students at KU and UMKC.

She embraces the Rogerian theory of the Unitary Human Being. With this background, she integrates various healing methods, including the Mietek
Wirkus bioenergy technique, hypnosis for positive change, and educational perspectives into a community-based approach to health promotion, disease
prevention, and when necessary, its management. All of these methods are aimed at the empowerment of populations.


In 1999, Roosa began Jacob’s Well Holistic Services, LLC, a holistic nursing practice specializing in professional and community health education and family practice nursing. In 2001, she launched the community health education arm of Jacob’s Well. In order to heighten her skills as an educator, in 2018 she became a National Commission of Health Education Credentialing Certified Health Education Specialist.


During her career as a retail-based Family Nurse Practitioner and as an assistant to a Civil Surgeon for the examination of immigrants, she gained an awareness of learning needs that are universal to all cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups for self- and group empowerment.

Those two learning needs are:


1) health literacy knowledge related to health promotion, chronic disease, injury prevention, and health maintenance, and

2) holistic, culturally relevant stress management techniques that encompass coping and relaxation skills toward the actualization of self-professed life goals.

In 2019, she completed an American Holistic Nursing Association endorsed stress management instructor program conducted by her mentor, Brian Luke
Seward Ph.D. of the Paramount Wellness Institute.

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